Joe picks and sings Hemingway’s Whisky

Here is an outtake from The Kingdom of Survival, a documentary now in production that includes interviews with Joe Bageant, Noam Chomsky, a radical book publisher, a cabin builder, a musician, and a radio host. This segment was shot one year ago when Joe was visiting his home in Winchester, Virginia. 

"Hemingway's Whisky" was written by Guy Clark and became the title for Kenny Chesney's recent album.

Here's another clip from The Kingdom of Survival with Joe talking about why he wrote Deer Hunting with Jesus and why he doesn't much care for the middle class.

The Kingdom of Survival is a film by maverick writer and filmmaker M. A. Littler. He describes his film an interdisciplanary documentary combining speculative travelogue and investigative journalism in order to trace possible links between survivalism, spirituality, art, radical politics, outlaw culture, alternative media and fringe philosophy. Circling through themes of utopianism, globalized capitalism, anarchism, intellectual and spiritual self-defense, religion and art, the film investigates physical and psychological survival strategies practiced by groups and individuals in a conflict-ridden and confused post-modern world.


Here are Guy Clark's lyrics to "Hemingway's Whisky", from which Joe departs a bit.

Hemingway’s whiskey, warm and soft and medium
Even if it burns, it will always clean finish
he did not watered down, he took it straight up and
properly if it’s bad enough for him,
you know it was bad enough for me
Hemingway’s Whisky
Oh, it is tough out there,
find a good muse
hard living in a word to the next, one line at a time
There is more to life than whiskey,
there are more words than rhyme
Sometimes nothing works, it seems sometimes nothing

Sail away, sail away, three sheets to the wind
Live hard, die hard, this is for him 

Hemingway’s whiskey, warm and soft and medium
Even if it burns, it will always end clean
he did not water down,
he took it straight up and neat
if it was bad enough for him,
you know it’s bad enough for me 

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