Excerpt from Deer Hunting with Jesus

A six-page excerpt from Deer Hunting with Jesus: Dispatches from America’s Class War is available in PDF format  and can be downloaded from ColdType.net — a web site based in Canada that publishes "writing worth reading from around the world". For those who grow tired of reading on a computer screen, all of the writing on ColdType is formatted like a magazine in a PDF file that you can send to your printer. Click here for the link to the excerpt from Joe Bageant’s book.

But, don’t stop with the book excerpt. There is much else well worth reading at ColdType. Some four dozen of Joe’s online essays are available in PDF format — click here. And, this month’s 80-page ColdType Reader is in two sections. The first section Our covers subjects that include the funding of sports stadiums, crimes of the CIA, failings of the media, apartheid states, immigration, Michael Moore, Neo-cons, Conrad Black and Canada’s uppity girls, bloggers, trench liberals, eco-junk and much more. Contributors include some of the best writers in the world. The 14-page second section features insightful interviews with three of ColdType’s favourite contributors: Joe Bageant, William Blum and Norman Solomon.

ColdType.net is produced by Tony Sutton, a gifted newspaper designer. "Although I appreciate the reach of the Internet, I’m not too keen on its limited formatting," Sutton says. "And, like many other internet readers, I still like to print out stuff, read it and file it — holding a publication in your hands and turning pages is so much more fun than reading on a computer monitor. The great thing about the PDF format is that it allows me to publish without having the hassles of advertising or subscriptions or print runs or returns or paying printing bills and postage — or making a profit! And I think there’s something respectful in presenting great journalism in a manner that avoids the generic blandness of HTML, making it instead enticing, unique, readable."

– Ken Smith, webmaster

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