Down Under radio interviews with Joe

Joeaus1 Joe Bageant is on a two-week tour of Australia and New Zealand where he is talking about his new book, Rainbow Pie: A Redneck Memoir, published by Scribe Publications. The book is a collection of stories from his own background growing up among the gun-owning, uninsured, underemployed white tribes of West Virginia — the people who according to President Obama "cling to their guns and their religion".

Rainbow Pie will be published by Granta/Portobello in the UK later this year. A date has not yet been set for the US release.

In addition to speaking at book fairs and writers' festivals, Joe has been interviewed by a number of print and broadcast journalists. Below are three radio interviews. For each, follow the link and look for a button to download an MP3 file.

Richard Fidler of ABC Brisbane welcomes Joe back to a second visit to discuss Rainbow Pie. Joe was a guest on this popular radio program two years ago when Deer Hunting with Jesus was published in Australia. Click here.

Joe is interviewed by Kathryn Ryan of Radio New Zealand. Click here.

Annie Warburton of ABC Northern Tasmania interviews Joe. Click here.

Ken Smith

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