Where in the World is Joe Bageant?

Sunil K. Sharma, my good friend and the editor of Dissident Voice, has been a strong supporter since he posted my first online essay almost two years ago. Last May, when I began working on my book to be published next year, I stopped writing the essays for a while — I’m not a good multi-tasker. Sunil claims many of his readers missed my rants and some even said my absence caused them to worry about me. So, Sunil posted the following note:

Recent Sightings

Many Dissident Voice readers have written in asking: where in the good lawd’s name is Joe Bageant? No new searing and thought-provoking essay by one of the net’s most popular writers has appeared since late May, prompting folks to ask if he’s alright. We just wanted to let y’all know that Joe is alive and well, and is busy trying to meet a deadline for what promises to be an incendiary new book, to be published early next year by Random House, hence his recent absence. Joe recently had the opportunity to travel to France to stir shit up, cavort with commies, and to even experience something completely foreign to some 50 million Americans: dirt cheap and excellent health care. Joe promises to be back on-line after his book is completed.

Below are some pictures from Joe’s trip to France, which I hope he won’t be too annoyed with me for sharing. Thanks to all the concerned readers who wrote in!

Sunil Sharma
Dissident Voice Editor
Santa Rosa, California


Ooh La La: Joe attending the annual Critical Lingerie Conference as keynote speaker.


Joe seen performing the bluegrass version of AC/DC’s "Back in Black" for enthusiastic French street audiences. Alas, the film ran out when he dressed in the requisite black spandex (with socks stuffed in the crotch) for the later evening performance.

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