Publisher’s announcement about my book

Publisher’s Marketplace, May 2005:

Rachel Klayman has gotten in on the class act. The Crown editor has bought the primevally titled DRINK, PRAY, FIGHT, FUCK: Dispatches from America’s Class Wars, which blogger Joe Bageant fills with observations and tales of how most Americans really spend their lives. The love-child of Barbara Ehrenreich and Hunter Thompson is how Klayman describes the voice.

Publisher’s Weekly:

Gonzo web columnist Joe Bageant’s DRINK, PRAY, FIGHT, F — K: Dispatches from America’s Class Wars, about the parallel world of working class America today, focused on Winchester, Virginia, taking us from the local Rubbermaid plant to the "Christian madrassas" to karaoke night at the local tavern, and challenging the left to get to know their working class brethren, all in a funny, furious, blunt voice that evokes Hunter S. Thompson, to Rachel Klayman at Crown, by Daniel Greenberg at Levine Greenberg Literary Agency (world).

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